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By Shiprasad Koirala

Good points greater than a thousand interview questions from reside .NET interviews. This e-book bargains part clever .NET insurance in line with multinational businesses; blouse and to the purpose solutions; and, various interview questions, from Junior.NET builders to senior architects or undertaking managers.

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Dll 79 √ The using Just before shipping, you submit the assembly to your organization's signing authority for the actual strong name signing using the –R option with the Strong Name tool. snk key pair. snk (B)What is garbage collection? Garbage collection is a CLR feature which automatically manages memory. Programmers forget to release the objects while coding ..... Laziness (Remember in VB6 where one of the good practices is to set object to nothing). CLR automatically releases objects when they are no longer in use and refernced.

A) If we have two version of same assembly in GAC how do we make a choice ? Note: - I really want to explain this in depth for two reasons. First I have seen this question been frequently asked and second it’s of real practical importance. com) to correct me regarding some corrections in this question. 87 OK first let’s try to understand what the interviewer is talking about. Let’s say you have made an application and its using a DLL which is present in GAC. Now for some reason you make second version of the same DLL and put it in GAC.

10493”. 10461"/> Ok now I will try to answer it in long way by doing a small sample project. Again this project will be done using C#. So in CD you can find the “Versioning” project. Below is the solution display, it has two projects one the windows client project ( “WindowsVersioningCSharp” ) and second the class library project ( “ClassLibraryVersion” ) which will be installed in GAC with two versions. 11: - Solution files for the versioning project.

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