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By Carla Mucignat-Caretta

The discharge of pheromones is certainly one of quite a few kinds of nonverbal verbal exchange many animals use to transmit messages to different individuals of an analogous species. Their advanced molecular constitution permits those chemical messages to include loads of frequently very particular details. This e-book presents an outline of modern findings within the box of pheromones and chemical signs in vertebrate and invertebrate species. It Read more...

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6 PHEROMONES AND OLFACTION As cues evolve into pheromones, there is selection for increasing sensitivity and specificity of ORs for the molecules involved. The ORs lose their broad tuning and instead respond only to one molecule at physiological concentrations. The change in the specificity of the ORs comes from selection for changes in the sequence of amino acids in the binding site. 5) (Leary et al. 2012). The change in sensitivity to a pheromone due to OR changes at the level of amino acid sequences has also been explored in the nematode C.

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