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By M. C. Thorndyke (editor), G. J. Goldsworthy (editor)

Offering a very well timed survey of invertebrate peptide hormones, this booklet heavily examines the hot explosion of curiosity during this topic, and specializes in vital and similar facets. First, a number of the peptides are neurohormones with chemical features reminiscent of, occasionally heavily, proven vertebrate neurohormonal peptides. during this manner those findings have had huge effect on our realizing of the starting place and evolution of peptide regulators. moment, with the provision of recommendations akin to HPLC and cDNA probes that experience allowed specific learn of vertebrate peptides, major advances were made lately in our knowing of the body structure and biochemistry of local invertebrate peptides. This quantity offers a synthesis among those elements of present investigative task.

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In 1977, some invertebrate neurosecretory cells synthesizing neurosecretory products related to vertebrate neuropeptides or vertebrate gastro-entero-pancreatic peptides, were visualized by immunocytochemical techniques, in earthworm ganglia (Sundler et al. 1977) and insect suboesophageal ganglia (Rimy et aL 1977). These early findings caused surprise and even scepticism among several scientists. There are now over two hundred different immunocytochemical results in this area, about seventy five of which concern insects.

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