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By K. H Beckurts, K. Wirtz

This ebook relies upon a sequence of lectures i've got sometimes given on the collage of Gottingen on account that 1951. They have been intended to introduce the scholars of experimental physics to the paintings in a neutron physics laboratory facing the matter of measuring neutron flux, diffusion size, Fermi age, powerful neutron temperature, absorption go sections and comparable difficulties. furthermore, those lectures have been meant to arrange the scholars for a next lecture protecting the physics of nuclear reactors. the unique personality of this sequence of lectures has been retained within the booklet. it really is meant to be used through scholars in addition to somebody intending to paintings on neutron physics measurements. the 1st part quite often covers the speculation of neutron fields, i. e. basically diffusion and slowing down conception. the second one part is basically interested by measurements in neutron fields. The appendix includes info and knowledge which, in our adventure, are usually required in a neutron laboratory. the sphere of nuclear physics right is in brief touched upon within the first chapters, yet in simple terms to the level beneficial for the certainty of the subsequent chapters. The multitude of purposes of neutron radiation has no longer been lined. the belief of this manuscript coincided with the tip of my lengthy interval of task with the Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik at Gottingen. To Professor HEISENBERG lowe thank you for his recommendation and recommendations for plenty of of the topics handled right here.

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