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By Jess Lebow

This time the fort is the monster!

Obsidian Ridge hasn't been obvious in Faerun for centuries. It's a legend, a fairy story--until apparently, silently and unexpectedly over the dominion of Erlkazar, blotting out the sunlight. suggested by means of the insanity of a crafty wizard, the fortress and its great array of shadowy monsters will wreck all of Erlkazar until the wizard will get what he desires: the princess of Erlkazar as a bride. yet he'll need to conflict the king's own murderer, a devoted courtier, a classy killer, and the princess herself to deliver his plan to bear.

Obsidian Ridge maintains the Citadels sequence with one other tale that explores the darker aspect of that iconic fable constitution, the fortress. every one booklet within the Citadels sequence is a self-contained fable within the Forgotten Realms global and will be learn in any order.

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