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The third division is into transcendental relation and categorical relation (paragraphs 10-13). 30 Francisco Suárez: Metaphysical Disputation 47, On Real Relation Section IV Suárez tells us that it is very difficult to explain the difference between categorical and transcendental relations (paragraph 1). It is possible to think of some differences that should be rejected (paragraphs 2-8). Others can be admitted (paragraphs 9-15). From this the inference is that the category “toward something” includes only relations that are categorical in a proper sense (paragraph 16).

Section XI It is necessary to answer each one of the difficulties of the preceding Section (paragraph 1). Beginning with the first class of relations, which is founded on unity (paragraphs 2-3), it is affirmed that a relation of unity can be founded on the realities of all the categories (paragraph 4) and there is explained the sense in which one relation can be the foundation of another (paragraphs 5-13). In passing, he explains to which class relations of identity, similarity, and equality belong (paragraphs 14-15).

1 additionalis, et q. 1, pp. 79-115. 41 Cf. , 1961), Quodl. III, q. 4, fol. 51rO. 42 Cf. Henrici de Gandavo, Quodlibet IX, qu. 3, ed. R. Macken (Leuven: University Press, 1983), pp. 46-51. 43 See esp. , Enchiridion symbolorum definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et morum, editio xxxii (Barcinone/Friburgi/ Romae/ Neo-Eboraci: Herder, 1963), n. 1330, p. 337. In a note here, the editors of the Enchiridion tell us that this fundamental Trinitarian doctrine seems to have been first enunciated by St.

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