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By Bruce Wade

This ebook is your step by step consultant to studying OS X app improvement utilizing CloudKit and fast.

All the improvement could be performed utilizing Apple’s speedy 2 programming language. you will see how to find information on your app and construct a prototype with cartoon three and Keynote. utilizing CloudKit to shop OS X program info, and separate private and non-private information, readers will find out how to keep an eye on which info can or can't be replaced in a public info shop. OS X App Development with CloudKit and Swift takes you from prototyping your app with cartoon three all through construction a data-driven app utilizing CloudKit, and every little thing in between.

What you will Learn
  • How to create attempt information with CloudKit Dashboard
  • How to refine a prototype
  • How to replace CloudKit information from an app
  • How so as to add neighborhood Cache to enhance performance
Who This e-book Is For

OS X App Development with CloudKit and rapid is for the iOS or OS X developer who's suffering to become familiar with CloudKit. If you’re searching for a pretty good instance from begin to end utilizing CloudKit with quick 2 this book’s for you. you will have an figuring out of the speedy language, e.g. the variations among var/let, the way to paintings with keep watch over statements, closures etc., to paintings hopefully with this ebook.

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Next, make a duplicate of the Image Delete Button group and name it Add Image Button. 47. Move the Add Image Button group to be 12 points from the left side of the Delete Image(s) button and 12 points above the Collection View. 48. Replace the text on the Delete Image button with Add Image. Make sure to realign it. 49. Select all the layers except the Left Sidebar group and create a new group named Park Details. 50. Now our mockup is complete, and should look like that in Figure 2-24. Figure 2-24.

36. Create a rectangle that is 90 x 90 points and position it inside the Collection View against the top and left borders. 37. Set the fill color to D8D8D8. 38. Rename the rectangle Collection Image View. 39. Make four more copies of the Collection Image View and position them against the edge of the box on the left. See Figure 2-23. Figure 2-23. Collection of images 40. Change the border color of the first Image View to 0066DC. 41. In the Layers list, select the Collection View and all the Collection Image Views and group them.

45 CHAPTER 3 ■ DEFINING OUR DATA Figure 3-7. The running app Fixing the App’s Colors to Match Our Mockup The current running app doesn’t match what we have in our mockup, especially the title bar and colors. We will fix that now. In order to change the title bar, we have to create our own subclass called NSWindow so we can override some settings. Select the DogParks folder in the Navigator, then press Command + N. In the Template dialog, select “Source” under OS X and “Cocoa Class” as the template, then click Next.

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