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Canadian Securities Exam Fast-Track Study Guide (3rd revised & updated ed)

No matter if your occupation aspirations lie in banking, monetary making plans, the mutual fund or a brokerage, you cannot keep away from taking the Canadian Securities examination. yet there is a lot of fabric to grasp for the day of the exam, and it may be a frightening job to assimilate this sort of huge physique of information.

Implementierungsstand der Balanced Scorecard: Fallstudienbasierte Analyse in deutschen Unternehmen

Philip Matlachowsky analysiert mithilfe einer Mehrfallstudie die BSC-Anwendungen in sechs Unternehmen unterschiedlicher Branchen und Größen. Er zeigt, dass dem Implementierungsstand der BSC unterschiedliche Entwicklungsmuster zu Grunde liegen, die auch die Rückentwicklung des genutzten BSC-Typs umfassen können.

Education for the 21st Century — Impact of ICT and Digital Resources: IFIP 19th World Computer Congress, TC-3, Education, August 21–24, 2006, Santiago, Chile

Foreign Federation for info ProcessingThe IFIP sequence publishes state of the art leads to the sciences and applied sciences of knowledge and verbal exchange. The scope of the sequence comprises: foundations of desktop technological know-how; software program thought and perform; schooling; machine purposes in expertise; conversation platforms; platforms modeling and optimization; info platforms; pcs and society; desktops know-how; safety and safeguard in info processing structures; man made intelligence; and human-computer interplay.

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This chapter has considered the network of strategies that Singapore Chinese women take towards resisting and negotiating state, medical and cultural impositions as related to reproduction and pregnancy in general, and pregnant bodies in particular. We have done this by considering the body as ‘a conduit which enables political agency to be thought of in terms of transgression and resistance’ (Callard 1998: 387). While such agency, in our analysis, did not escalate to take on highly visible or collective forms, what is at work on the pregnant body is a ‘microphysics of power’ (Foucault 1979: 26) conceived of in terms of ‘strategic positions in a constantly active, even battling network of relations’ (Purushotam 1992: 329) mapped into the realm of the everyday.

Dreyfus and P. Rainbow (eds) Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics, Brighton: Harvester. ——(1985) The History of Sexuality Volume 2: The Use of Pleasure, translated by R. Hurley, New York: Vintage Books. Furth, C. (1987) ‘Concepts of pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy in Ch’ing Dynasty China’, Journal of Asian Studies 46, 1: 7–35. Giddens, A. (1981) A Contemporary Critique of Historical Materialism Volume 1: Power, Property and the State, London and Basingstoke: Macmillan.

Yeah … I know, even my mother tells me that although she is a Catholic as well. She just says that I should avoid such shows. In response, Felice simply avoided the issue as far as possible: I love horror movies … I simply don’t tell her [Felice’s mother] to avoid any clashes. Similarly, while Kristine had been forewarned about not moving the furniture around in her home while pregnant, she felt that practical considerations overrode these concerns and carried out her actions unobtrusively: We did quietly move the furniture.

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