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By Ronald Schleifer

Pain is felt by way of every body, but figuring out its nature is fragmented throughout myriad modes of suggestion. during this compact, but completely integrative account uniting scientific technological know-how, psychology, and the arts Ronald Schleifer bargains a deep and intricate knowing besides attainable thoughts of facing soreness in its such a lot overwhelming kinds. an ideal addition to many classes in medication, healthcare, counseling psychology, and social work.

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The importance of pain—how it works, what it means, its place within the wider experiences of life—is the focus of this book. The separation of pain and suffering that the physician in Hemingway’s story expresses sets forth the nature of pain as it is usually understood. Pain is clearly a fact, an event that happens at a particular moment. —and all people who find themselves in pain understand that whatever else pain is, it is also always a powerful human experience. Pain, most people who study it agree, both is a fact and/or an event, a phenomenon that can be studied by the natural sciences; and it is also a deeply human experience, studied by the human sciences.

Bringing together science and culture, as I have already suggested, might accomplish at least to some extent my great hope for this book: to help shape horizons of understanding, empathy, and action to the end of mitigating the pain and suffering that are part and parcel of the lives we live. PART I THE NATURE OF PAIN 2 THE PHYSIOLOGY OF PAIN: HOW THE BODY WORKS We naively believed that pain is simple—it hurts or it doesn’t hurt—so there should be a single brain state we could see every time someone is in pain.

And in the development of anesthetics, pharmaceutics, and other attempts at “pain management,” more or less precise scientific procedures and understanding have brought remarkable relief to countless numbers of people. The humanities of pain—its representations in the arts, its history, its philosophical analyses, and gathering these together, analyses of the experience of pain in cultural studies—has been less pragmatically focused, yet the relief it affords us, though perhaps less easily measured than those of the sciences, are also palpable and real.

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