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This first goal of Paragon is an attempt to generalize the approaches used in these other languages. 2. Combined Specifications When appropriate, related objects should be specified in the same module. One example frequently encountered is a keyboard data type and a screen data type, that is, an input and output device. duplex, local-echo terminal protocols, the specifications of reading and writing are closely coupled. Thus these two objects, screens and keyboard, should be able to be specified in the same module.

Instead the discussion will assume that the reader can read the examples without such comments. Paragon is defined in terms of a process called e/aboration. Therefore, this chapter starts with a brief description of the three kinds of elaboration that Paragon uses. The basics of Paragon are concerned with the objects and their manipulation, so the notion of object is then introduced a~ong with some examples of how a simple object may be defined and created. Two ways of defining relationships between objects, inheritance and nesting, are also discussed.

Language terms, a local instance consists of a set of variables and procedures, where these variables and procedure describe some properties of the simple object. A simple object is illustrated in the figure below: - LI-I -- LI- 2 . . r a m LI-3 . ocol ] instonces Figure 3-4: A Simple Object with Parameters So far, simple objects have been described colloquially. Paragon actually defines four 8There i5; a relationship betweenlocal instances,simple objects and objects, but it is far too complex is repreeent two dimensionally and has no use in this thesis.

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