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Concentrating on problems with case idea and comparative grammar, this learn treats chosen difficulties within the syntax of the Slavic languages from the viewpoint of Government-Binding conception. Steven Franks seeks to increase parametric options to comparable structures one of the a number of Slavic languages. A version of case established loosely on Jakobson's function approach is customized to various comparative difficulties in Slavic, together with across-the-board structures, quantification, secondary predication, null topic phenomena, and voice. suggestions thought of utilize fresh ways to word constitution, together with the VP-internal topic speculation and the DP speculation. The booklet will serve admirably as an creation to GB conception for Slavic linguists in addition to to the diversity of difficulties posed by means of Slavic for common syntacticians.

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Chomsky, 1981a, 292), where MATRICES, INDICES, AND MORPHOSYNTACTIC FEATURES 41 inherent case is assigned at D-structure and is associated with a particular theta-role, while structural is assigned at S-structure and is semantically unrestricted. Consider, furthermore, the accusative assigned to objects of verbs, which applies at S-structure whether the target NP is an argument or not. Thus, although it is clearly necessary to relegate the effects of different case assignment rules to different levels of representation, this does not seem to correlate in any obvious way with the case assignment mechanism involved.

Pesetsky's formulation, instead of the original one in Chomsky (1981a, 29), is chosen in that it makes specific reference to the projection of theta-roles rather than subcategorization in general. An empirical difference between the two will be discussed in chapter 4. 6. Other frameworks, notably Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar (cf. Gazdar, Klein, Pullum, and Sag, 1985), also factor phrase structure rules into precedence and dominance statements. GB, however, does this by eliminating the categorial component altogether and ascribing its properties to distinct modules, rather than embellishing it.

20 PARAMETERS OF SLAVIC MORPHOSYNTAX The variable feature values become fixed in the course of the derivation. Clearly, this fixing comes about through the operation of government and agreement processes. I suggest that the various processes with this effect can be conceptually unified if they are all formally regarded as involving coindexation. Assume, as a matter of definition, that all matrices may bear indices, hence all syntactic nodes may bear them (cf. g. Williams, 1982, 294). Next, assume that these indices are distinct unless principles of grammar specify otherwise.

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