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In the Saprolegniaceae there is frequently excessive synthesis of wall material at the septum, resulting in the development of an irregular peg or callus on one or both sides of the septum. Hyphae may be of relatively narrow diameter (10–20 µm in Aphanomyces) or broad diameter (20–40 µm in Saprolegnia). Generalized intussusception of wall material occurs in older hyphae of Saprolegnia, and these hyphae may have diameters up to 120 µm. The appearance of the protoplasm, using light microscopy, can often provide distinctive diagnostic features to an experienced worker, but it is difficult— and may be misleading—to describe these differences for a novice.

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Dick (36) Haliphthoraceae: Haliphthoros Vishniac, Atkinsiella Vishniac, Halodaphnea M. W. Dick Order: Olpidiopsidales Order: Myzocytiopsidales Myzocytiopsidaceae: Myzocytiopsis M. W. Dick, Gonimochaete Drechsler, Chlamydomyzium M. W. Dick Crypticolaceae: Crypticola Humber et al. Genera Incertae Sedis: Blastulidium Pe´rez, Ciliomyces I. Foissner & W. Foissner, Endosphaerium D’Eliscu tae sedis, the Myzocytiopsidales, contains important parasites of nematodes. Although most species of Peronosporomycetes are freshwater or terrestrial, a few are oligohaline or marine, but it is yet to be established whether these taxa represent primarily or secondarily marine evolutionary developments.

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