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By Kieran O'Mahony

This is a e-book concerning the use of classical rhetoric in studying Paul. It starts with an invaluable evaluation of a few of the recommendations, and, within the gentle of the problems that emerge, it describes a rhetorical process that's then verified on 2 Corinthians 8-9. the following, the recommendation of the classical rhetorical manuals for developing a textual content is used-in opposite order-so as to discover the persuasive approach getting used via Paul as a consequence. this system results in a relatively new studying of the 2 chapters, which O'Mahony then proceeds to check opposed to the traditional paintings within the box by way of Hans Dieter Betz.

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5. Probationes. e. non-constructed proofs) or on deduction74 (technical proofs). After that there is a wide range of techniques available—syllogism, example, maxim and so forth. 6. Peroratio. The peroratio is related to the exordium and shares some of its functions. Psychologically, it is meant to trigger a recapitulation of the entire speech by recalling the beginning. At the same time it is meant to touch the feelings of the audience, to incline them to agreement. Her. 47 gives the following functions to the peroratio: ment, and the Resume.

5* 58. Anderson (1996: 254) thinks Paul's use of the figures is a general cultural phenomenon and links him with no stylistic school. 2. Dispositio. An important part of the effectiveness of a speech was its arrangement or dispositio. This moment of the composition concerned itself with both the sequence of ideas and the function of the various parts of a speech. The terms used for the dispositio vary somewhat, and the following schema is offered as a guide:59 Latin60 Greek 1. rcpooiuiov 2. (8iriyTiai<;)61 2a.

55, cf. Lausberg 1990: 183. 67. For example, the quantity, the quality, the relation and the mode of the narratio. 68. This is Cicero's advice on what to do when too detailed a 'case history' would put the audience off: 'A narrative can be a hindrance when a presentation of the events alone and by themselves gives great offence, which it will be necessary to mitigate in arguing and pleading the case. When this situation arises, it will be necessary to distribute the narrative piecemeal throughout the speech and to add an explanation directly after each section so that the remedy may heal the wound and the defence may immediately lessen the animosity' (Cicero, Inv.

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