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By Michael D. Pappas, Loren G. Yamamoto, Okechukwu Anene

Pediatric Radiology assessment includes a substantial array of knowledge on embryology, anatomy, surgical procedure and much more. This ebook additionally incorporates a overview or radiographs in young ones, in addition to the most typical radiological issues of which scholars, citizens and clinicians might be faced every day.

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Toxic megacolon. Based on this X-ray, a barium enema was ordered. Prior to the enema the radiologist noticed an inguinal bulge. The barium enema was done and did not reveal a malrotation or volvulus. 30. True or False? An inguinal hernia is more common in females. a. True. b. False. 31. True or False? An inguinal hernia is caused by a weakness in the processus vaginalis. a. True. b. False. 32. Treatment for this would consist of: a. Supportive care. b. Herniorrhaphy. c. Barium enema. d. Nothing by mouth, intravenous fluids, antibiotics.

False. 03_Jacob_35_56_F 10/26/06 7:24 AM Page 41 Chapter 3 / Abdominal Radiographs 41 QUESTIONS 34–37: A 4-year-old male is seen in the emergency department, referred by his primary care physician (PCP) for abdominal pain. The patient has had abdominal pain for 3 days and today is the first time he was seen by his PCP. The mother states that the patient has not had any vomiting or diarrhea and has not been running a fever. 6°F, heart rate 106, respiratory rate 26, blood pressure 100/70. Physical exam reveals a slightly uncomfortable child who is consolable.

32. Common causes of stridor include all of the following except: a. Aspiration of foreign body. b. Epiglottitis. c. Viral croup. d. Retropharyngeal abscess. e. None of the above. 33. Definitive management of this child should include: a. Continuous albuterol nebulizers. b. Ears, nose, and throat consultation for surgical incision and drainage. c. Dexamethasone intramuscularly and aerosolized racemic epinephrine. d. Aggressive suctioning for culture and Gramstain of secretions. 34. All of the following are consistent with bacterial tracheitis except: a.

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