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This quantity provides twenty-two uncollected philosophical essays by way of Sir Peter Strawson, one of many prime philosophers of the second one 1/2 the 20 th century. The essays (two of them formerly unpublished) are drawn from seven many years of labor, from 1949 to 2003. They span the huge variety of Strawson's paintings: metaphysics, epistemology, philosophical good judgment, philosophy of language, moral idea, and heritage of philosophy, in addition to metaphilosophical reflections and highbrow autobiography.

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What I have said is a truism; and that is its strength. It is not I who am inventing a mythical faculty, but you, irritated, perhaps, by the language of intuitionism, who are denying the obvious. When you said that you couldn't imagine what it would be like to have moral intuitions, isn't it clear that you wanted ‘intuiting a moral characteristic’ to be like seeing a colour or hearing a sound? Naturally you couldn't imagine anything of the sort. But I have already pointed out that moral characteristics are dependent on others of which the presence is ascertainable by looking and listening.

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