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Arcanis is an international of excessive delusion, intrigue and suspense. international relations, ability and restraint will hold you as a ways or farther than ability at palms or within the arts of magic. Heroes are available in a myriad of varieties. a few are really good beings born with the blood of Valinor or the souls of elementals. Others are the descendents of Celestial Giants who as soon as roamed the celebs as freely as a fish swims the ocean. a lot of its maximum heroes are basic mortals of mundane blood yet lofty beliefs. it's a global of heroes who stand among the typical folks and destruction, you may be that hero. the ability is on your arms; go away your mark upon the Shattered Empires! This e-book is a accomplished advisor to creating an never-ending number of adventurers local to Arcanis. All points of personality improvement are explored, from nationwide and spiritual viewpoints to the fundamental development blocks of personality construction: races, periods, abilities, feats, status sessions, names, spells and gear. avid gamers of the dwelling Arcanis crusade will locate this publication worthwhile.

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Commoners Most commoners of the Western Lands care little for greater events across Onara. So long as the struggles of the world are safely distant, they are content to ignore them. While the Satrapy of Eppion shows a slightly more cosmopolitan viewpoint, even the Coryani ensconced there have learned to value the quiet, peaceful life of the League of Princes. It is rare to find any commoner from the Western Lands who knows much about the history, culture, and politics of nations outside of his or her own limited experience.

He was a good half-foot broader than he was tall and he wore his smithy’s leathers awkwardly pulled over plate mail armor. He was nearly to the door when he heard a cry from behind the smithy. He did not think twice, but began running as fast as his short dwarven legs could carry him, which arguably, was not very fast. Still, the gang of ruffians surrounding the woman had not yet done their worst as he came into view. ” he yelled. ” They turned, startled, blinked, and then stared. ” Geren unslung his huge dwarven war axe from his back with practiced ease.

First, a dwarf may adventure to learn more about exotic crafting techniques on his search to create the perfect item. Second, dwarves may adventure to help protect man as penance for their past transgressions. In either case, dwarves make valued companions. Heartstones: When Illiir cursed the Celestial Giants and transformed them into dwarves, the leader of each Enclave was instantly transformed into a statue of terrifying aspect. The dwarves believe that these individuals are still able to see and hear what goes on around them, and that they are suffering from unimaginable agony from which there is no surcease.

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