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For heroes who take pleasure in darkness.The Shadowfell is a chilly, grim position wherein the spirits of the lifeless needs to move on their option to . . . anywhere. darkish, evil issues stay there, suffused with the ability of shadow. a few mortals within the flora and fauna methods to faucet into this resource. Assassins. Necromancers. Hexblades. by way of all debts, a ruthless lot. although, now not all beings that draw energy from the Shadowfell are vile, blackhearted fiends. a number of even dare to name themselves heroes, utilizing the ability of darkness to struggle darkness. Are they evil? No. Deeply disturbed and hounded by means of their very own darkish demons? You bet. Player’s alternative: Heroes of Shadow™ makes a speciality of characters that struggle evil in ways in which make others recoil. as well as exploring the character of the shadow strength resource, this publication provides races, sessions, feats, powers, and different suggestions aimed toward avid gamers hungry to play the archetypal antihero with a depressing facet.

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Target: The creature you hit Effect: The target takes 10 necrotic damage, and ongoing 10 necrotic damage (save ends). The target takes a -2 penalty to saving throws against this ongoing damage. Each time the target takes the ongOing damage, you regain 10 hit points. Ruinous Smite The vice within you magnifies your outrage. Such unrestrained anger strengthens your strikes, bringing ruin to all who face you. Level 17: Dauntless Presence Your blow proves more costly than the enemy realized, and it collapses to the wound.

Target: Each creature in the wall or adjacent to it Attack: Strength vs. Fortitude Hit: The target is immobilized until the end of its next turn. If the target is outside the wall. the target slides 1 square into it. Sustain Minor: The wall perSists until the end of your next turn, and you can repeat the attack. Level 27: Shadow Infusion Shadow power infuses your soul, your mind, and your body. YOll no longer kar the touch of the grave or the icy cold of darkness_ Benefit: You gain resist 20 necrotic and resist 20 cold.

Ery dedicated to a dark god, i the deity is evil, you fled but took your power ~·o u . A high Intelligence could point to an aea" ic past. ng jist of class skills: Arcana, Athletics. Bluff, ra nce, History, intimidate, Religion , and "cr\'. - ckguards veer f~u from other pa ladins in skill es. ,la nd the dark forces at yo ur disposa l. You have use for threats and spun truths than for nice" • Bluff and Intimidate can help you domin ate . ions when armaments are oflittJ e use. Endur" i'\ helpful on your path, since you're likely to find we lc0Jn e in civilized lands.

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