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By Anthony S Rudd

Practical utilization of ISPF conversation supervisor is a concise and accomplished resource of knowledge for the advance of functions utilizing IBM's conversation administration package deal. conversation supervisor is a car for enforcing discussion functions (such as PDF - application improvement Facility) and is particularly compatible to the implementation of person discussion structures and people structures that are required to run from the TSO/ISPF atmosphere. it's also very best for prototyping.
This publication is meant for either newbies and specialists. With its conscientiously selected mixture of thought and perform, and large use of examples and case reports, this e-book will supply a useful advisor to all these wanting to profit approximately or utilizing the ISPF conversation Manager.

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PAGE, HALF or a number of lines). The display for a table display panel has two parts: a fixed part (")BODY" section) a scrollable part (" )MODEL" section). The model section may contain the following field types: input output text A variable model line is the name of a variable preceded by ampersand ("&"), and may be the only data in the line and must commence in column 1. e. input, output and text fields. If this variable contains the special character string "OMIT", the model line will not be displayed.

Example: ISPEXEC SELECT PGM(PGMOO) PARM(ALPHA BETA) PGMOO with the parameter ALPHA BETA. Invoke the program following form: The parameter has the NEWAPPL(applicationid) The application is assigned the applicationid. The following profile members and command table are assigned to the application: user profile aaaaPROF Edit profile aaaaED I T command table aaaaCMDS aaaa is the applicationid. Default: ISP. Note: If the retained. NEWAPPL keyword is not specified, the current application-id is NEWPOOL A new shared pool is to be created.

Tip This option can be useful for performing validation processing in a (dummy) panel. ERRORS [CANCEL IRETURN] CANCEL specifies that errors resulting from service requests will cause cancellation of the function. RETURN specifies that errors resulting from service requests will cause a return to the calling function. Default: CANCEL. Note: An error is signalled by a return code greater than or equal to 8. Tip The ERRORS setting is retained for the duration of the function, unless changed. SPLIT ENABLE Enable the split screen option.

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