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By Ed Greenwood

Ever ask yourself why priesthoods within the nation-states proceed to flourish, regardless of the secular strength of wealthy retailers and the land-shattering spells of the archmages?

The solution lies within the effective spells heretofore saved hid by way of the robed clergy of the cloisters. those sacred spells are actually printed in those pages, drawn from mythical holy books shortly "lost" on Faerûn. To learn Prayers From the trustworthy is to understand holy awe and blessed worry at last!

Learn the long-suppressed secrets and techniques of:

Which gem stones to put into the attention sockets of the carved faces on Gorothir's Girdle to name forth lethal magics.

The hallowed album that was once used to slay six dragons - and now bears the unblinking, preserved eye of 1 of them.

The divine tome that may be a gem that served to entice and slay thieves for over 30 years.

Why it really is risky to carry the Chanting Chain carelessly - and what wakens to its chants.

And even more! Prayers From the devoted is a vital consultant to the magic of clergymen within the FORGOTTEN geographical regions crusade global, and an invaluable reduction to these portraying monks in any complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS crusade.

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Conversely, when the item is being carried on a known journey, the priest can use multiple dark road spells to trace the progress of the carrier. 35 A dark road spell operates correctly even when miles underground, in areas of strong natural or magical radiations, and through most known magical barriers. Its “passage” power creates a temporary opening four feet wide, six feet high, and 20 feet deep, through solid stone, earth and rocks, mud, sand, wood, plaster, metal, and even magical barriers created by spells of 6th level or less.

Feldro was at first dismissed as a wander-wit, but then the Lord Librarian of the Hall received a dream-vision that featured a frowning Oghma pointing sternly at Feldro! So it was that the Holy Quest for the Key began, drawing Oghmanyte priests from all over Faerûn to the Hall. Priests of Bane, who had long battled the priests of the Binder for influence in upland Sembia, saw a golden opportunity to rid themselves of many rivals at a stroke—and worked mighty summoning magics that hurled literally tons of monsters down onto the roof of the Hall without warning.

His descendants hated and feared him. For one thing, he regarded his bloodkin as his personal slaves, and often appeared to snatch lovely young ladies away from their chosen grooms and whisk them afar, into servitudes of his own cruelly whimsical selections, never to be seen again. Ultimately, his own grandchildren plotted to bring Gorothir down. They met with the mages he was fond of forcing to yield up their best magics, the rulers of lands who did not wish to be under the Shadow of Shar forever, and the clergy of rival gods.

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