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By George Eldon Ladd

After surveying the controversy over eschatology, Ladd discusses the promise of the dominion, the success of the promise, and the consummation of the promise. through the booklet he develops his thesis that the dominion of God comprises nice movements--fulfillment inside background and consummation on the finish of background.

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Bomkamm frequently follows Bultmann, but deviates at one crucial point. For Bultmann, that which created Jesus' eschatological view was the overpowering sense of the presence of God. Bomkamm takes this consciousness of "unmediated presence" (unmittelbare Gegenwart) to be the Kingdom of God as a present reality. Since basileia can be used synonymously with God himself,149 the sense of God's presence is itself the Kingdom of God. Thus the difference between John's and Jesus' proclamations, which are verbally the same, is the difference between the eleventh and the twelfth hours.

Are "eschatological" in character; that is, "they are ultimates, and are proper not to this empirical realm of time and space but to the absolute ordet/"! Thus the essence of Jesus' teaching is that "the ultimate, the Kingdom of God, has cornIe into history . . the absolute, the 'wholly other' has entered into time and space . . 'the day of the Son of Man' stands for the timeless fact. So far as 68 C. H. Dodd, The Apostolic Preaching and Its Developments (1936), pp. 145,174. 69 The Parables of the Kingdom (1936), p.

The emphasis is upon God, upon what he is doing and what he will do" (p, 158). God was active in the ministry of Jesus, and "what God has begun he will bring to a triumphant conclusion" (p. 159). But Perrin says that we are not to think of this future in terms of the "western concept of linear time" (p. 204) which moves from past to present. Rather, "time in the teaching of Jesus" is "something which God fills and fulfills" (p. 206). It is true that time gets its meaning from the fact that God is able to fill a moment or an hour of time; but this does not rob time of its linear meaning.

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