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''This ebook is helping the reader to appreciate the physics and chemistry and the features of PSP and TSP. It presents an summary of the vast scope of functions and explains the method requisites for utilizing those sensors. The e-book additionally contains an in depth desk of houses of PSP and TSP. As such, it's a thorough and updated insurance of the underlying physics and purposes of luminescent molecules Read more...

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1995a). 1. Pressure sensitive paints Luminophore Binder Excitation Emission Stern-Volmer wavelength wavelength coefficients (nm) (nm) A B H2TSPP H2(Me2N)TFPP H2TCPP H2TNMPP H2TTMAPP Perylene dibutyrate Perylene dye PtTFPP silica gel silica gel silica gel silica gel silica gel silica gel silica gel silica gel DuPont Chrom. 75 Lifetime Temp. at room coeff. temp. 3 Reference Purchase source Wan (1993) Wan (1993) Wan (1993) Wan (1993) Wan (1993) Burns (1995) Wan (1993) Wan (1993), Burns (1995) Porphyrin Porphyrin Porphyrin Aldrich Aldrich Pylam Aldrich Porphyrin Burns (1995) NASA Langley ISSI Porphyrin Burns (1995) Burns (1995) Aldrich GFS Chem.

Some of them have been used to measure the temperature and heat transfer fields in various applications (Kolodner and Tyson 1982, 1983a, 1983b; Romano et al. 1989; Campbell et al. 1993, 1994; Liu et al. 1995a, 1995b, 1996; Hamner et al. 1994; Asai et al. 1996, 1997c). 2. Temperature sensitive paints Luminophore Binder Coumanin CuOEP PMMA GP-197 EuTTA Perylene Perylenedicarboximide Pyronin B Pyronin Y Rhodamine B Ru(bpy) Ru(bpy)/Zeolite Dope Dope PMMA PMMA Dope Dope Shellac Poly Vinyl Alcohol GP-197 Poly Vinyl Alcohol Ru(trpy) Ru(trpy)/Zeolite La2O2S:Eu Y 2O3:Eu NASA-Ames (Univ.

56 3. 6. ‘Ideal’ Pressure Sensitive Paint A perfect PSP should be completely temperature independent. According to Eq. 23), a temperature insensitive PSP should have such small activity energy E D for the oxygen diffusion process that the Stern-Volmer coefficient B polymer is a weak function of temperature over a certain range of temperature. However, since the excited-state decay rates of a luminophore are intrinsically temperature dependent, it is unlikely to develop an absolutely temperature-insensitive PSP whose the Stern-Volmer coefficients A polymer and B polymer are constants.

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