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Programming the console in UNIX?
Here's simply what you need.

First, you'll get a no-nonsense instructional consultant to the nCurses model 5.5 library, taking you from simple to complex capabilities step-by-step. Then you'll locate an A-to-Z reference of greater than one hundred seventy five nCurses capabilities, cross-referenced and illustrated with examples. With this all-purpose nCurses reference, you?ll: study ideas that may be used to application Linux(R), FreeBSD(R), Mac OS(R) X, or the other UNIX-based OS. application, keep watch over, and manage textual content at the terminal reveal. regulate interactive I/O, manage content material into home windows at the monitor, and use colour to focus on textual content and manage details. Use a mouse to additional refine enter. Create nCurses courses utilizing your selection of editors. locate hundreds and hundreds of fast, easy-to-understand programming examples.

Author Dan Gookin is understood for making expertise make experience. purchase this e-book and you'll see why.

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Linking NCurses or Curses? On most systems I’ve visited, both the CURSES and NCURSES libraries are the same thing, meaning that if you link in -lcurses instead of -lncurses, the results are the same. The only advantage here is that typing -lcurses saves you a keystroke. Otherwise, I recommend using -lncurses. Chapter 1 ■ The Setup What Does the gcc Command Do? The gcc command either outputs a slew of error messages or shows you nothing. When you get a slew of error messages, you must re-edit the source file and try to work out whatever bugs you can.

If you know printf(),you also know printw() — but remember that in NCurses the printw() function is the one you want to use. Check out Listing 2-5 to see how this works. ”); refresh(); getch(); endwin(); return 0; } Nothing truly new here. The printw() function works just as you would expect printf() to work. 25 26 Chapter 2 ■ Basic I/O, the NCurses Way Reading Text There is nothing really magical about writing text to the screen. Well, the move() function is pretty cool. But the really cool stuff — especially if you’re weary of a lack of single-character input functions in C — comes with reading text in from the keyboard.

Somewhere in memory == Welcome to my very first ncurses program! This is cool! Terminal screen Figure 2-3: How the virtual screen helps keep text output efficient Chapter 2 ■ Basic I/O, the NCurses Way Internally, the refresh() function consists of two commands. The first is wnoutrefresh(), which updates only the changed portions of a window or the standard screen to the virtual screen. The second half of the refresh() function is doupdate(), which makes the current screen match the virtual screen’s updates.

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