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"Look it up in Petzold" continues to be the decisive final be aware in answering questions on home windows improvement. And in PROGRAMMING home windows, 5th version, the esteemed home windows Pioneer Award winner revises his vintage textual content with authoritative assurance of the most recent models of the home windows working system—once back drilling all the way down to the fundamental API middle of Win32 programming. subject matters include:• The basics—input, output, conversation packing containers• An advent to Unicode• Graphics—drawing, textual content and fonts, bitmaps and metafiles• The kernel and the printer• Sound and song• Dynamic-link libraries• Multitasking and multithreading• The Multiple-Document Interface• Programming for the web and intranetsPacked as consistently with definitive examples, this latest Petzold can provide the final word sourcebook and instructional for home windows programmers in any respect degrees operating with Microsoft® home windows ninety five, home windows ninety eight, or Microsoft home windows NT®. No aspiring or skilled developer can come up with the money for to be with no it.An digital model of this booklet is obtainable at the spouse CD.

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When that area of the window is later uncovered, it is flagged as invalid. The window procedure receives a WM_PAINT message to repaint the contents of the window. WM_PAINT processing almost always begins with a call to BeginPaint: hdc = BeginPaint (hwnd, &ps) ; and ends with a call to EndPaint: EndPaint (hwnd, &ps) ; In both cases, the first argument is a handle to the program's window, and the second argument is a pointer to a structure of type PAINTSTRUCT. The PAINTSTRUCT structure contains some information that a window procedure can use for painting the client area.

In this way, the programs can be easily recompiled and linked for testing. All of the programs in this book—whether compiled for Unicode or not—run under Windows NT. With a few exceptions, the Unicode-compiled programs in this book will not run under Windows 98 but the non-Unicode versions will. The programs in this chapter and the first chapter are two of the few exceptions. MessageBoxW is one of the few wide-character Windows functions supported under Windows 98. C will not run under Windows 98 because Windows 98 does not implement wprintfW.

Otherwise behavior regarded as normal, such as being able to terminate the program, will not work. Playing a Sound File The very first message that a window procedure receives—and the first that HELLOWIN's WndProc chooses to process—is WM_CREATE. WndProc receives this message while Windows is processing the CreateWindow function in WinMain. That is, when HELLOWIN calls CreateWindow, Windows does what it has to do and, in the process, Windows calls WndProc with the first argument set to the window handle and the second argument set to WM_CREATE (the value 1).

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