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By Claude Reiss, T. Arpa-Gabarro (auth.), Professor Fred E. Hahn Ph.D., H. Kersten, W. Kersten, W. Szybalski (eds.)

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Besides their crucial importance in the oxidation of lipophilic compounds, liver microsomes possess a further variety of enzymes with activities specific to the organ. With regard to drug metabolism, three additional enzymes must primarily be considered: The conjugating enzyme uridine diphosphate glucuronide-glucuronyltransferase plays an essential role in the terminal metabolism of drugs. , 1973). Recently, PUUKKA et al. (1975) succeeded in concentrating the enzyme 100-fold with respect to its specific microsomal content.

The degeneracy of the code allows for large composition fluctuations of the DNA, coding for a set of amino acids. For instance, it is possible to build sequences of DNA containing all the codons for the 21 amino acids, with composition ranging between 68% AT and 63% GC. However, every percentage between these two extremes cannot necessarily be fitted. This observation may be related to the appearance of discrete melting modes. 2. Although precise structural data for AT- or GC-rich sequences are lacking, BRAM (1972) has shown that DNAs can exhibit several tridimensional structures, according to the mean base compositions.

However, the fluidity of lipids has been demonstrated to be essential for the function of several integral membrane proteins: complexes of purified ATPase with defined lipids showed a complete inhibition of ATPase activity when the associated lipids were in a crystalline state (METCALFE, 1975). A variety of carrier-mediated processes were also shown to depend strictly on lipid fluidity (TRAUBLE and EIBL, 1975). Lipophilic drugs will interact with the lipid part of the membrane. Enrichment can change the properties of the membrane and may influence the activity of the imbedded enzymes either directly, by binding of drug in the nearest neighborhood of lipid-dependent enzymes, or indirectly, by changes of the membrane fluidity.

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