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By Gerald Holton, F. James Rutherford, Fletcher G. Watson

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Ii) m, 6 A20 (i) (ii) 15 units of force to the left 21 The negative in the of a vector quantity is represented by an arrow For example reverse direction. , ^. ifTis >/ then -r. is —A if A ,, . represented by draw — B. 21 Two wooden shown pulling on a The pulling force of each cars are box. car is represented by the vectors F, and F2 (note the units). (i) Construct the vector sum Fp of these forces using the tip-to-tail method. ) the direction and magni- Write an equation to represent the relation between and Fp .

15 A ball has components of velocity Vx and Vy as shown in the diagram. (i) Construct and draw (ii) Give the direction and magnitude of v. v. A13 (i) vector (a displacement) (ii) neither (only direction) A13 NOTE: As the reduced sketches below indi< any sequence of V, E. ond Y will give the resultant. / / / / A15 (i) (ii) 45^" 50 below horizontal. m sec / s A14 (i) southeast (ii) 9 m/sec (about 20 miles/hr) A14 NOTE: Any sequence will give the of M, N, some W. ) 1 A16 three times the length for A16 M4 is zero 9m sec 17 Whenever we encounter force, energy, or whatever not it involves direction.

The 13 The diagram shows a particle striking a and rebounding elastically. (i) (ii) barrier Resolve each of the velocity vectors into components which are perpendicular to the wall and parallel to the wall. Which component of velocity did not during the interaction? change All scalar All (i) (ii) Yes (iii) A13 The component of velocity parallel to the wall does not change during the interaction. (ii) V 12 A scalar quantity can be expressed by a (with or without units), single number but a vector must have both 12 The clear advantage of using the tip- to-tail method of graphically adding vectors can be seen when three or more vectors are We have already seen this in the example of the city block.

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