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By Gerald Holton, F. James Rutherford, Fletcher G. Watson

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These last two expressions constitute basic construction methods for probabilities when the alternatives satisfy the stated conditions. Another such construction principle is contained in the Law of Succession, first stated by Laplace. It applies only when the information I states that an event is possible and has occurred n times in the past N trials, and nothing else. It is invalid if there is any other information available regarding the proposition. In its generalized form, we can consider K alternatives {A1 , · · · , AK } such that in N trials A1 has occurred n1 times, A2 , n2 times, and so on, such that i ni = N .

Juan G. Roederer (2005) In retrospect, it might be suspected that the thermodynamic entropy could somehow be related to information describing a physical system. We have seen that a particular set of macroscopic variables to be controlled in some scenario defines a thermodynamic system, and the entropy is then a function of those variables only; that is, S depends on the specific information provided by these variables. It has long been understood that physics and the notion of information are intimately related, for data obtained by experiment and observation, sense perceptions, and communication either are or contain information forming the basis of our understanding of nature.

Information in terms of higher moments can be utilized similarly. 14). Neither fr nor λr are estimated, but at this point are considered to be exact; the constraints are taken as given numbers, possibly of uncertain precision, and the Lagrange multipliers are parameters that do not exist until SI is maximized subject to those constraints. ” To enforce this distinction we shall denote the maximum entropy by S, with no subscript, and recognize that it is now a function only of the measured expectation values or constraint variables.

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