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By Gerald Holton, F. James Rutherford, Fletcher G. Watson

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In the case of driving accelerator) or positive (say, way it when clear for higher speed). 11 We Feedback must give a little more attention to the important feedback function. When 34 ents on an important issue, he watches their reactions as he talks, to get some form of feedback. When the response (or feedback) from the audience is "posi- Systems, Feedback, Cybernetics tive," he believes that his statements have been received favorably, whereas a "negative" feedback is likely to make does not have to have a gauge on the foot pedal because the "feedback" of his eyes and ears is enough to guide and restrain him cautious.

In general, friction or likely to make a system more stable. We can design an oscillator to do someOf course, as anv such device requires periodic additions of energy to the driving springs, and therefore the person who winds the spring becomes part of the system. f Systems, Feedback, Cybernetics 3 ' "5. E ' Systems, Feedback, Cybernetics A Fig. 5. ////////////I//////// filling simple system for controlling the of a bucket. Spring Valve to control water flow by electric motor control Fig. 6. Bucket A How is the bucket of Fig.

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