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Ever on the grounds that severe Programming burst directly to the applying improvement scene in 1998, it's been a lightning rod for controversy. With its emphasis on programmer-based improvement, many pros like it. although, severe Programming contradicts a number of the conventional ideals in software program improvement; hence, many pros hate it. both manner, power adopters and rivals want to make judgements on severe Programming. In wondering severe Programming, writer Pete McBreen places this agile method of software improvement below the microscope, and heavily examines either side of this heated debate.

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Practitioners welcome anecdotal evidence as a means of sorting out the various claims and counterclaims. Anecdotal evidence is useful because it provides some context that enables the results to be interpreted. Yes, it does not represent a controlled study, but real projects are not controlled studies either. More important, anecdotal evidence is a great counter to the problem of researchers extrapolating ideas from a single study, or converting study results into unquestionable dogma. ) over time.

As such, it is very hard to find developers who are neutral because it changes what they do so much. As an aside, even if you could find an appropriate experimental group, finding a control group could be equally hard. The problem is that of the John Henry effect, in which the control group pulls out all the stops to outperform the experimental group. Should We Ask for Comparative Studies? Although opponents of Extreme Programming are always asking for studies about the effectiveness of XP, it is interesting to note that there are no real studies that support any methodology.

Personally, I do not think it is useful to lay the blame on the project teams. In part, this is because blaming the team does not open many avenues for improving the situation. Yes, in the longer term we can change the skills and the abilities of our software development teams, but I have already written about that [McBreen, 2002]. In the short term, a more effective avenue to explore is that of changing our assumptions about software development. After all, if it turns out that people and their interactions are in fact more important than processes and tools, then aligning our processes with this insight would give immediate benefits.

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