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The Church of the Lawgiver holds that princes who die or are killed during their terms are chosen by the Lawgiver, elected to reign beside him in the Iron Paradise, and those so “blessed” are laid to rest in the Mausoleum, a high honor. Of course, the Church has reversed itself on this point when politically convenient, declaring that specific princes, the unpopular or liberal, were actually struck down by the Lawgiver to remove them from office and barring them from the Mausoleum. Princes who commit suicide, such as the late Prince Romir Hiregaard, are also denied honored rest.

The Church is the true glue holding together Nova Vaasan society. Its teachings about law, obedience, and the divine right of rule are ingrained into every citizen at a young age, and without this stabilizing dogma the underclass would assuredly rise against the aristocracy that oppresses it. Church attendance is not legally mandated, but significant social pressure encourages it, and those seen as impious are ostracized and avoided. Given the Church’s significance both within Nova Vaasa and without, I have thought it fitting to describe it in greater detail in the Attached Notes.

Nova Vaasan law states that any male Vaasi horse sold to a foreigner must first be gelded; the Nova Vaasans are very protective of their monopoly. This condition has made the outside demand for Vaasi stallions very high, both to horse breeders and to soldiers or noblemen who desire more “spirited” mounts. The high prices these Vistin The seat of Vistin power is Blacktower Heights, a fortified tower beside the Altid Bluffs. The current “patriarch” is Duke Grigor Vistin, a two-year-old infant, who succeeded upon the death of his father Bevis last year.

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