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By George Punka

Covers the WWII Italian fighter Re.2000/2001/2002/and 2005. comprises Re.2000 in Italian, Hungarian, and Swedish provider, Re.2001, Re.2002 and Re.2005 in Italian provider. additionally covers Re.2000 provider at the japanese entrance. greatly illustrated with a hundred b/w photographs. line drawings, 10 full-color profiles and three hide work. 50 pages.

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However reports of women being ‘molested’ by Italians were not confined to agricultural districts and came increasingly from urban areas as well. It is clear that it was the potential for fraternization with women that really exercised the journalists (and the authorities). Police reports on the behaviour of prisoners were asked to comment on this specifically and it remained an issue until the prisoners were sent home. In November 1944, the War Office issued a circular to all Area Commands on prisoners of war in response to ‘an increasing volume of public criticism’ where the first item dealt with ‘fraternisation with females’.

Born in a Polish region he was an Austro-Hungarian citizen before World War I. He served in the Habsburg army, then became a Polish citizen. In World War II he served in the Wehrmacht because of his German ethnicity, but at the end of the war found that his home region had been incorporated into the USSR. Was this man to be seen as Austrian, Pole, German or Soviet? And what happened if his mother came from Moravia? Then he could also claim to be a true Czechoslovakian. There were many 02 POW 5/1/05 5:45 pm Page 21 Repatriation of POWs once Hostilities are Over • 21 cases like this and most people tried to make the supposedly ‘best’ out of the situation.

That was because the Germans had shifted Western Allied POWs as far eastward as possible to keep them out of Allied reach for as long as possible. As a result, the first liberated British and American POWs were released by the Red Army. The Soviet Union agreed to the hand over of the freed US citizens only on condition that the USA proceeded in the same manner. 16 The same applied to France. Draftees from Alsace and Lorraine, as well as collaborators from other regions of France, lived in Soviet POW camps as German soldiers.

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