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By Abelson J. (ed.), Simon M. (ed.), Sies H. (ed.)

The looks of one other quantity in that first-class sequence, equipment in Enzymology, is often a reason for appreciation when you desire to effectively perform a specific strategy or organize an enzyme or metabolic intermediate with out the tiresome prospect of looking through surprising literature and maybe identifying an unproven technique which isn't simply reproduced.

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5% (g = 589 ~g/liter, n = 8). A major advantage of this procedure is its speed and simplicity, because the extract can be directly injected, without the need for evaporation and reconstitution of the residue with the chromatographic solvent. Although the lack of a concentration step obviously sacrifices some sensitivity, a similar approach underlies the development of a micromethod for retinol, using as little as 5/zl of serum. 3 /zg/liter). Several other workers have used normal-phase chromatography on silica 1°-13 or polar bonded phases 14,~5 and fluorescence 1°,11,14,15 o r a b s o r p t i o n 1°,12,13 detection as part of " m a c r o " methods (200 /zl of serum) for the determination of retinol alone or together 9 A.

Extraction is carried out on a rotary mixer (Cenco Instruments, Breda, The Netherlands) for 5 min. After centrifugation (3000 rpm, 5 min), the supernatant is isolated and evaporated to dryness at room temperature under reduced pressure (Evapo-Mix, Biichler Instruments, Fort Lee, N J) or using a gentle stream of nitrogen. The residue is reconstituted with 80 pA of the chromatographic solvent and a 50-/A aliquot is injected. For standardization, 100-/xl samples of a serum pool supplemented with known amounts of retinol (100-800/xg/liter) are analyzed.

Englert, Heir. Chim. Acta 58, 2367 (1975). - ~ t"--. ) / / od~ __rf 8 C,q 34 STRUCTURE A N D ANALYSIS oo ~ oq. > e~ ¢,q [2] ['~] SYNTHETIC RETINOIC ACID ANALOGS 35 q o 0 o 0 8' 0 6 0 36 STRUCTURE AND ANALYSIS [2] 9 ~D •a rZ m ,d t~ e~, ¢M "6 "* 9 9 :g oo c12 "N # t~ I ~D -2 d, 9 >. ~ [2] SYNTHETIC RETINOIC ACID ANALOGS 37 duced conjugation. In the Z isomer of 527 the terminal double bond is not coplanar 3°-32 with the aromatic ring; therefore, the conjugation of the system is reduced and the absorption maximum is shifted to 280 nm compared with that of 300 nm in the E isomer.

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