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Fact is lots stranger than fiction! bizarre precise proof contains the main eye-popping animals, automobiles and gadgets, the most unearthly tales, the main miraculous evidence and the main incredible events EVER.

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Ow s. Goth Go ths: th s: The n na ame gi ame am give ven ve n to o triribe bess be orig or ig gin nat atin in ng in are reas ass w we e no now w ca call all G rm Ge man ny, Russsiia an a d Scandi dina avi via a. Hannibal: Carrthaginian general who fought Rome and very nea e rly won. In nsulae: Roma an multi-storey apartm mentt blo ocks. Juno: The most importtant Roman g ddess, the wife of Jupiter, King of go the Go ods d . Jupi Ju pite ter: r: K Kin ing g of of the R Rom oman n god ods. s. Lara La r ri ra r um m: A pririva vate te e hou ouse se eho hold ld alttar a.

Ow s s. Cons Co nsta ns t nt ta ntin ine: in e The e: he firstt Chr hris istitit an is Empe Em pero pe rorr of tthe he R Rom oman an Emp mpirire. e e. Cons Co nsul ul:: EEle lect c ed ct d llea eade d r of tthe de h R he Rom oman an Sena Se na ate te,, ra rath ther er llik ike e a pr prim ime e mi mini nist ster er.. 30 Cult:: A gr Cult grou o p th ou that at w wor orsh ship ipss a go god d or g god odde dess ss.. Domu Do mus: s: A llux uxu ury vi ur villlla. a. Empe Em pero ror: r: U Une ne ele lect cted ed rrul uler er of Rome Ro me w who ho p pa assed asse d ru rule le d dow own n thro th roug ugh h hi hiss fa ami mily ly..

Moun Mo untt Ve V su suvi vius us:: A An n ac actitive ve vvol olca cano no o in ssou outh ther ern n ItItal aly. y. Omen Om en:: A ssig ign n se sent nt b byy th the e go gods ds and d godd go ddes e se es ses. s. Orat Or atio ion: n: TThe he a art rt o off sp spee eech ch-m -m mak akin ing g. Skil Sk kilfu ilfull or orat ator orss we were re h hig ighlyy pr ighl prai aise ssed ed d in Rom ome. e e. Paga Pa gans ga ns:: P ns Peo eopl eo plle wh w o wo wors rshi rs hip p go gods dss and an d go godd ddes dd esse es ses, se s, nott tthe he e god of th the e Chririst Ch stia st ian ia n fa faitith.

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