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Курс дает представление об основных принципах настройки производительности ОС Solaris и инструментальных средствах мониторинга данной системы. Рассмотрены принципы настройки производительности при использовании таких инструментальных средств измерения, как sar, vmstat, iostat, netstat и nfsstat. Рассматриваются различные рекомендуемые решения ликвидации таких типовых узких мест, как центральный процессор, память и ввод - вывод. Уделяется внимание определению производительности виртуальной файловой системы. Практические занятия по курсу дают возможность слушателям проанализировать проблемы, связанные с производительностью ОС Solaris.

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Enterprise Services October 1999, Revision B 1 Basic Tuning Procedure Basic tuning procedures are quite simple: locate a bottleneck and remove it. This process is repeated until performance is “satisfactory,” however that is measured. Note that you will never be finished tuning: there will always be a bottleneck. If there were none, infinite work could be completed in zero time. Tuning provides a compromise between cost, the adding of extra hardware, and performance, the ability to get the system’s work done efficiently.

All Rights Reserved. Enterprise Services October 1999, Revision B 2 The kstat The kstat is a generic kernel data structure that is used by system components to report measurement data. The system may have dozens or even hundreds of kstat structures, with various formats for the different components and reported data. The kstats all have names, and can be read either by name or by following a chain. There are a series of kstat manipulation system calls (such as kstat_lookup); they are all documented in the man pages.

Sun Performance and Tuning. Palo Alto: Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall. ● Wong, Brian L. 1997. Configuration and Capacity Planning for Solaris Servers. Palo Alto: Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall. ● Benner, Alan F. 1996. Fibre Channel. McGraw-Hill. ● Catanzaro, Ben. 1994. Multiprocessor System Architectures. SunSoft Press/Prentice Hall. ● Cervone, Frank. 1998. Solaris Performance Administration. McGrawHill. ● Goodheart, Berny, and James Cox. 1994. The Magic Garden Explained. Prentice-Hall.

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