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There are several interesting security implications of Unix domain sockets. First, although Unix domain sockets can appear in the filesystem and can have stat(2) applied to them, you can't use open(2) to open them (you have to use the socket(2) and friends interface). Second, Unix domain sockets can be used to pass file descriptors between processes (not just the file's contents). This odd capability, not available in any other IPC mechanism, has been used to hack all sorts of schemes (the descriptors can basically be used as a limited version of the ``capability'' in the computer science sense of the term).

For example, if you're trying to limit disk usage, allowing such operations would allow users to claim that large files actually belonged to some other ``victim''. 4. Using Access Control Attributes Under Linux and most Unix−like systems, reading and writing attribute values are only checked when the file is opened; they are not re−checked on every read or write. Still, a large number of calls do check these attributes, since the filesystem is so central to Unix−like systems. Calls that check these attributes include open(2), creat(2), link(2), unlink(2), rename(2), mknod(2), symlink(2), and socket(2).

Other Unix−like systems handle the situation differently but for the same reason: a setuid/setgid program should not be unduly affected by the environment variables set. Note that graphical user interface toolkits generally do permit user control over dynamically linked libraries, because executables that directly invoke graphical user inteface toolkits should never, ever, be setuid (or have other special privileges) at all. 4. For Linux systems, you can get more information from my document, the Program Library HOWTO.

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