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By Pilar Prieto, Joan Mascaro, Maria-Josep Sole

This quantity is a suite of state-of-the-art examine papers written by way of famous researchers within the box of Romance phonetics and phonology. a big objective of this ebook is to bridge the distance among conventional Romance linguistics ― with its lengthy and wealthy culture in info assortment, cross-language comparability, and phonetic edition ― and laboratory phonology paintings. The e-book is prepared round 3 major subject matters: segmental strategies, prosody, and the purchase of segments and prosody. many of the articles supply new empirical info on creation, conception, sound swap, first and moment language studying, rhythm and intonation, featuring a state of the art evaluate of analysis in laboratory phonology targeted on Romance languages. The Romance info are used to check the predictions of a few theoretical frameworks resembling gestural phonology, exemplar types, generative phonology and optimality idea. The booklet will represent an invaluable better half quantity for phoneticians, phonologists and researchers investigating sound constitution in Romance languages, and may serve to generate additional curiosity in laboratory phonology.

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Constituent letters) from being fully processed. By contrast, according to Koriat and Greenberg (1994), the MLE reflects the role of function words as cues for sentence structure. Early in text processing, readers focus their attention on function morphemes and use them to establish a structural frame. Subsequently, structural cues recede to the background as attention shifts from structure to content. In our phoneme-detection experiment, liaison targets generally belonged to high-frequency monosyllabic determiners, while most W2-initial targets belonged to nouns.

Studies by Wauquier-Gravelines (1996), Gaskell et al. (2002) and Spinelli et al. (2003) explored the potential impact of liaison and enchaînement in spoken word recognition. These studies showed that liaison (WauquierGravelines 1996; Gaskell et al. 2002; Spinelli et al. 2003) and enchaînement (Gaskell et al. 2002) make it easier for listeners to recognize the following word, compared with a control condition. According to Gaskell et al. (2002), the facilitative effect of liaison and enchaînement may be caused by lexical knowledge about the offset of the preceding word, combined with sensitivity to the phonological context conditioning the occurrence of liaison and enchaînement.

Interference during phoneme monitoring”. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 11. 475-489. Tranel, Bernard H. 1995. “Current issues in French phonology: Liaison and position theories”. The Handbook of Phonological Theory ed. by John A. Goldsmith. 798-816. : Blackwell. Wauquier-Gravelines, Sophie. 1996. Organisation phonologique et traitement de la parole continue. [Phonological organization and connected-speech processing]. , Université Paris 7. PATTERNS OF VCV COARTICULATORY DIRECTION ACCORDING TO THE DAC MODEL * DANIEL RECASENS Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & Institut d’Estudis Catalans Abstract This paper provides support for the DAC model of coarticulation by showing that directionality patterns of vowel and consonant coarticulation in VCV sequences are inversely related.

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