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By Robert J. Myles, Caroline Blyth

What occurs whilst explorations of sexuality, gender and the Bible move down below? This interesting number of essays, written via students positioned within the Antipodes, traverses the hugely contested landscapes of sexuality, gender and religious study, revealing a myriad of sexual discourses voiced inside of either the biblical texts and their interpretative traditions. spotting that textual which means is usually formed through the cultural and contextual luggage the reader brings to the interpretative job, participants elevate provocative questions about the meanings, identities and ideologies that encompass biblical discourses of sexuality and gender, exploring how those were and will be reshaped and reconceived. Deane Galbraith examines the theological reflections of Augustine and Paul on Adam's 'perfect penis' in Eden whereas Roland Boer explores the earthy biblical vocabulary used to depict woman genitalia. Christina Petterson, in the meantime, examines the Moravian Brethren's get together of a Christ who bore on his physique female and male genitalia. vacationing past the sexualized human physique, Emily Colgan considers the not easy language of gender violence opposed to the land that's voiced in Jeremiah. Elaine Wainwright blurs and queers the binary different types of human and non-human within the Sermon at the Mount. Yael Klangwisan keeps this blurring of barriers via her inventive interpreting of track of Songs. relocating from the gendered physique to the gendered voice, Alan Cadwallader probes Paul's rhetorical gender-bending in his 'masculinized' oral tradition. Caroline Blyth and Teguh Wijaya Mulya empower Delilah to vocalize her queer capability in either the biblical narrative and pop culture. Gillian Townsley provides her personal Kiwi voice to discover queer percentages in Philippians 4.2-3 within the gentle of latest Zealand's same-sex marriage laws. the amount concludes with a queer reconsideration of the Antipodes themselves from the viewpoint of a northern-hemisphere biblical student, Hugh Pyper. This compelling assortment will make a substantial contribution to the bookshelves of students and readers in such parts as religious study, faith and gender-queer reviews.

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6), and the explicit reference to hî’ (she) in v. 6. Zion the physical (Land) space, on the other hand, is marked primarily by a variety of references to environmental features (‘trees’, v. 6) and urban infrastructure (‘palaces’, v. 6; ‘cisterns’, v. 7) that aid its identification as a city. The thrice-repeated noun 3. 21 = Isa. 22; Isa. 11; Mic. 8, 10, 13; Zeph. 14; Jer. 2, 23; Lam. 22; Zech. 14 (Eng. 9; Ps. 15 (Eng. 14). 4. The third entry for bat in BDB, p. ’ and includes Jer. 2 as an example of this understanding.

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