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By David Cantrell, Logan Johnson, Alan Hicks Chris Lumens

This e-book in designed to get you began with Slackware Linux working procedure. It`s no longer intended to hide each element of the distribution, yet relatively to teach what it's in a position to and provides you a uncomplicated operating wisdom of the approach.

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The initial liloconfig screen. If this is your first time setting up LILO, you should pick “simple”. Otherwise, you might find “expert” to be faster if you are familiar with LILO and Linux. Selecting “simple” will begin the LILO configuration. If kernel frame buffer support is compiled into your kernel, liloconfig will ask which video resolution you would like to use. This is the resolution that is also used by the XFree86 frame buffer server. If you do not want the console to run in a special video mode, selecting normal will keep the standard 80x25 text mode in use.

If they use CHAP or PAP, select “YES”. Later on, you'll need to set this up. Refer to the section below. If they don't use either of those, select “NO” and refer to the “Chat script” section below. Modem init string Unless you have a strange modem, you can probably just hit enter to select the default init string (“AT&FH0”). Otherwise, refer to any documentation that came with your modem as to what to use for the init string. Domain name Now, you'll need to enter the domain name of your ISP. com”, or something similar.

These strings will be used in the configuration file for identification purposes. Video card database The next large section of configuring X deals with your video card. Your card's documentation and the information from SuperProbe will both prove handy right now. You will want to look through the card database to pick out your card, so answer “y” to the question. Just hitting enter will take you past the card database and into the next section. There are over 800 cards in the database. The left column contains a number for each card and the card's name.

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