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5 Change in the real and imaginary permittivity of water and ice, with field frequency. disordered systems. No real soil conforms to all the assumptions used in deriving these, and indeed, the arrangement of the components in one soil is often quite different from that in another. It is probable that the relationship between permittivity and the concentration of different soil components is similar to that predicted by the models, but the exact values of constants in any one model are unlikely to be realized.

The most likely effect of an increase in soil bulk density is to increase the permittivity of the soil. Jacobsen and Schjonning (1994) suggested that the effect of change in bulk density was more than could be accounted for by a change in the ratio of solids to voids and their respective permittivities. As the effect is most noticeable in certain heavier textured soils, it is likely that this is associated with the clay content. As a clay soil becomes more dense, the quantity of bound water increases, and therefore one might expect a decrease in soil permittivity at the same water content, as bulk density increases.

PO Box 30025, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA SDEC France, 19 rue E. , 3008 Cornwallis Road, PO Box 12057, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA TDR TDR TDR (with shorting diodes) TDR TDR TDR TDR Impedance Capacitance Capacitance Capacitance Capacitance This list is not exhaustive. Sources are given for the convenience of the reader only, and imply no endorsement on the part of the authors. universal relationship between dielectric measurements and u would be applicable to the majority of soils, and so calibration would often be unnecessary.

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