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A zero is simple if f ′ (α) ̸= 0, multiple otherwise. From the graph of a function one can infer (within a certain tolerance) which are its real zeros. The direct computation of all zeros of a given function is not always possible. For functions which are polynomials with real coefficients of degree n, that is, of the form n pn (x) = a0 + a1 x + a2 x2 + . . e. p1 represents a straight line), or the two zeros, α+ and α− , when n = 2 (this time p2 represents a parabola) α± = (−a1 ± a21 − 4a0 a2 )/(2a2 ).

A for-loop repeats the statements in the loop as the loop index takes on the values in a given row vector. For instance, to compute the first six terms of the Fibonacci sequence fi = fi−1 + fi−2 , for i ≥ 3, with f1 = 0 and f2 = 1, one can use the following instructions: >> f (1) = 0; f (2) = 1; >> for i = [3 4 5 6] f ( i ) = f (i -1) + f (i -2); end Note that a semicolon can be used to separate several MATLAB instructions typed on the same line. Also, note that we can replace the second instruction by the equivalent >> for i = 3:6.

2 > ... end where , , ... represent MATLAB sets of logical expressions, with values 0 or 1 (false or true) and the entire construction allows the execution of that statement corresponding to the condition taking value equal to 1. 2>, ... will take place. 2>, ... are not executed and the control moves on. 13) an identity’); Note that MATLAB does not execute the entire construction until the statement end is typed. Logical expressions that appear inside conditional statements can be obtained by combining elementary logical expressions using boolean operators &, |, &&, and ||.

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