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By Ray Vallese

Anything Wild is a PLANESCAPE event for 4 to 6 characters of 4th to seventh degrees. while Sigil falls prey to aggravating nightmares and outbreaks of violent fury, the heroes needs to stick with bloody trails to the treacherous peaks of Carceri and the savage jungles of the Beastlands. An historic terror threatens the planes anew, and purely the participant characters can cease it from feasting at the flesh of the multiverse.

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The keeper won’t deviate from its path unless the PCs attract its attention elsewhere. Regardless of the circumstances, when the keeper sees the party, it turns invisible and attacks. Apart from the keeper, the only other gehreleth currently in the lair is a barmy farastu assigned to guard the prisoners. But it’s not much of a guard - it just sits at the end of the tunnel leading to the captives, cross-legged, eyes closed, chanting to itself. However, the ’leth’s chanti n g i n the elven language, and if the PCs listen to what it’s saying, they find the words very odd indeed.

THE eFFER “I’d prefer that it not be my hand that cuts off Garond’s head,” Starkad says. “It would look bad in the eyes of those dens that honor that fool. But you could act as my agents in this matter. ” Starkad plays on the party’s sense of honor and decency, warning them that Garond, if not stopped, will wreak havoc across the planes. Starkad promises the PCs safe passage through the Land of the Hunt in the future (a lie). As a last resort, the priest explains coolly that the PCs can’t leave the realm without his help - they can’t walk out, and he won’t show them any gates.

He explains . to its collection. flees when reduced to half its that he was forced from Krigala to “this URIL, kabo hit points. evil place,” and he knows that B% 9 , many other petitioners have been 3B. This den is the home of a brown cave sent through, as well - apparently bear that’s grown accustomed to fighting off for the sport of the fur-clad hunters. Malarite hunters. It emerges from the darkness of “Are these monsters so evil that they the cave only if the PCs approach the mouth. ” he asks.

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