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By E. Earle Ellis

In his new paintings The Sovereignty of God in Salvation E. Earle Ellis units out to discover God's sovereign goal either in person salvation and within the salvation heritage in which the Bible has been authored, transmitted, interpreted and communicated. within the approach he touches on such subject matters because the nature of unfastened will; the manifestation God's sovereignty within the lifestyles and ministry of the Apostle Paul; the presence of God's hand within the transmission and interpretation of the biblical texts; and new views on either the fashionable inclination to emphasize Paul's use of Graeco-Roman rhetoric in addition to the modern reception of the biblical message. The sovereignty of God types an overarching subject matter throughout.

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G. Kümmel, Introduction to the New Testament, 14th edn.. (Nashville, TN, 1975), 340ff. Baur (note 11, II, 106–111 = GT: II, 116–122) regarded as genuine only four Pauline letters – Romans, I–II Corinthians, Galatians. A. Hilgenfeld (Einleitung in das Neue Testament [Leipzig, 1875], 236–247, 328–348), a member of Baur’s school, extended the genuine letters to include Philippians, I Thessalonians and Philemon. These seven letters are those ‘undisputed’ by contemporary followers of the Baur tradition.

F. H. Agnew, ‘The Origin of the New Testament ApostleConcept: A Review of the Research,’ JBL 105 (1986), 75–96, 85–90. , passim, who, writing within the Baur tradition and largely following the classical form criticism, exhibits an unwarranted skepticism toward the Synoptic Gospels and Acts (see below, note 49). ’ That is, he thinks that the authority of the shaliah. ’s office with the kind of tasks given. But the relationship between the two figures was to be found in a comparison of their formal elements and not, as Schmithals thought, in their phenomenological characteristics.

But of the verb shalah . The rabbis, however, do employ the shaliah . convention in ways similar or equivalent to relationships and activities attributed to Jewish ¢pÒstoloi by patristic writers. For example, they speak of shaluh . e. ’38 Christian writers speak similarly of Jewish ¢pÒstoloi. The earliest reference occurs in a tradition, cited by Eusebius39 and probably dating from the second century:40 ‘In the writings of the ancients we 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Rengstorf (note 28), 26. M Yoma 1:5.

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