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By Roland Winkler

Spin-orbit coupling makes the spin measure of freedom reply to its orbital setting. In solids this yields such exciting phenomena as a spin splitting of electron states in inversion-asymmetric structures even at 0 magnetic box and a Zeeman splitting that's considerably improved in significance over that at no cost electrons. This ebook describes spin-orbit coupling results in quasi-two-dimensional electron and gap platforms. the 1st half offers a basic creation to the digital constitution of quasi-two-dimensional platforms with a selected specialise in group-theoretical equipment. the most a part of the monograph is dedicated to spin-orbit coupling phenomena at 0 and nonzero magnetic fields. in the course of the e-book, the main target is on an intensive dialogue of the actual principles and a close interpretation of the consequences. exact numerical calculations are complemented by means of basic and obvious analytical versions that seize the $64000 physics.

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14) by means of analytic quadratic Brillouin zone integration [36]. The advantage of this scheme is that it fully takes into account the anisotropy of Eασ (k ) as well as van Hove singularities of D(E). 15) where En (z) is the position-dependent band edge of the bulk band n. e. 16) 2 2 Eα (k ) = Eα + k 2m∗n . 17) The density of states for every (spin-degenerate) subband is a step function m∗n θ(E − Eα ) . 18) π 2 The effective-mass approximation provides basic insight into the electronic structure of inversion layers, heterojunctions, QWs, and superlattices.

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