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By By (author) Nguyen Thi Hien By (author) Karen Fjelstad

An ethnographic research of the transnational and multicultural growth of Vietnam's mom Goddess faith and its spirit ownership ritual, this ebook is the made from collaborative examine by means of an American anthropologist and a Vietnamese folklorist. "Spirits borderless" explores how and why the ritual unfold from Vietnam to the us and again back, the effect of formality transnationa...

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H̯u bóng refers to the mediums’ role as servants for the spirits. ” Other people call possession ceremonies lên ÿӗng. ” The term lên ÿӗng is used in reference to the state of possession, to the possession ceremony, or to the religion itself. People might say, for example, that they “will lên ÿӗng” (will become possessed), they are “going to a lên ÿӗng” (attending a ceremony), or they “follow lên ÿӗng” (believe in possession by spirits of the pantheon). 5 Practitioners of lên ÿӗng have a standardized pantheon, and a system of temples, rituals, and festivals.

However, the orchards and farms gave way to corporations manufacturing silicon chips in the 1970s and the region soon became known as Silicon Valley. That name holds even today when many of the jobs have been outsourced and the region has turned to services rather than manufacturing. S. 8 Whereas the first Vietnamese came to the area as immigrants in the 1960s, much of the population arrived as refugees. Over 1 million people came to the United States from Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia (Freeman 1995: 3) between 1975 and 1995.

HiӅn had even dreamt of living in a similar place when she retires from her job in the dusty, noisy city. Through her studies and interviews with mediums HiӅn learned that in Ðҥo Mүu cosmology the universe is divided into the four palaces of heaven, earth, water, and mountains and forests. A mother goddess and her celestial helpers govern each realm, which is symbolized by four colors: the palace of heaven is red, earth is yellow, water is white, and that of the mountains and forest is blue or green.

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