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Crankshaft trigger wheels sometimes have one trigger point per cylinder, with each point indicating TDC for one cylinder, or more commonly a total of somewhere between 24 and 60 points, with a missing tooth (or sometimes two) indicating a particular crankshaft position follows. indd 38 (Text) (Ray) 4/4/13 9:06 AM 4/4/13 8:50 AM (Fogra 39)Job:03-30412 Title:MBI-How To Tune And Modify Engine Management Systems #175 Dtp:225 Page:38 revolution or cycle such that unexpected misfires or rapid changes in engine speed that might cause the ECU to miss a tooth on the trigger wheel cannot cause it to lose track of engine position for more than a fraction of one revolution.

PROM changes have always required you to know what engine you have. This sometimes requires checking the vehicle identification number (VIN), which contains a code that indicates the type of original engine installed at the factory. If engine changes have been made (or if you think the PROM calibration is nonstandard), check with the manufacturer, and have all internal and external engine documentation available. Most PROM vendors that are still in business (and most probably are) should maintain documentation and serial numbers for all PROMs they’ve sold.

Aftermarket engine management systems are typically designed to be extremely data dependent, with embedded software routines using certain data for EFI calibration computations and other data as parameters or switches that customize which logic will be used to manage a particular engine. Based on the value of a certain byte or bit of data, code might (or might not) be executed to handle, for example, computation of additional fuel enrichment when nitrous injection is armed. Modern aftermarket EMS ECMs will behave in many different ways depending on the data in their PROM/EEPROM.

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