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By Frank Turek

In the event you imagine atheists have cause, proof, and technology on their facet, reconsider! Award-winning writer Dr. Frank Turek (I Don’t Have sufficient religion to be an Atheist) will exhibit you ways atheists scouse borrow cause, facts, technological know-how, and different arguments from God in attempting to make their case for atheism. If that sounds contradictory, it’s since it is! Atheists can’t make their case with out beautiful to realities in basic terms theism can clarify. In an attractive and remarkable manner, Stealing from God exposes those highbrow crimes atheists are committing after which presents 4 robust purposes for why Christianity is correct.

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Her words devastated me. ’” What? How can that be? He said, “I got in my car and drove four hours that weekend all the way to Chapel Hill. ” After only four weeks of listening to her atheistic religion professor (yes, atheists teach “religion” at many universities), she abandoned her long-held Christian beliefs and adopted atheistic beliefs. An exception? Unfortunately no. The majority of young people —surveys show about 75 percent —leave the church after high school, partially because atheism is religiously promoted in college and the culture.

As Ravi Zacharias points out, a tepid Christianity cannot withstand a rabid secularism. And make no mistake —secularism is rabid. The world isn’t neutral out there. Today’s culture is becoming increasingly anti-Christian. Every day the media and academia pound out an incessant drumbeat against the Christian faith, some to the point of mockery. They depict Christianity as completely unreasonable (even though, as we shall see, it is atheism that is unreasonable). ), atheism is just assumed to be true at many of those schools today.

He said that his daughter was the top Christian student in her high school. She helped lead the youth group at church and won several scholarships from Christian organizations to redeem at the college of her choice. She decided to go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to win the campus for Christ. “She was in her first semester,” her father wrote. “And I received a call from her after only four weeks. Her words devastated me. ’” What? How can that be? He said, “I got in my car and drove four hours that weekend all the way to Chapel Hill.

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