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By Ed Greenwood


Strange magic is at the free in Firefall maintain -- magic that kills.

The mightiest struggle Wizards are baffled, and the shadow of destruction threatens valiant Harpers and nobles of the reasonable realm of Cormyr alike. With Harpers in jeopardy, it truly is as much as the mythical Bard of Shadowdale, hurricane Silverhand, to beat this deadly and mysterious force.

"Whenever i feel i will sit back finally, somebody hurries up to brutally indicate to me that I've clean paintings to do. It's time to save lots of the realm again." -- hurricane Silverhand

Stormlight is the fourteenth in an open-ended sequence of novels ofocusing at the Harpers, the key association for strong within the Forgotten Realms myth world.

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He muttered, letting his boot drop to the ground. The dwarf crouched low, almost onto his hands and knees, and sniffed the air. ” He was looking toward Soth and Magda, though they were quite well hidden by the thick-needle firs around them. The Vistani tried to shrink back into the forest, but the death knight stepped forward. “And the other one,” the dwarf said, squinting after the Vistani. “Now, Magda,” Soth ordered when the woman hesitated. She moved from her hiding place, her hand straying to the dagger in her sash.

Their gawking faces angered Soth, and he forced himself to meet the eyes of many of the knights. It gave him a little comfort to see them turn away before he did. To him, their murmuring voices sounded like women gossiping in the marketplace, and their polished armor smelled like the scented handkerchiefs favored by courtiers in Kalaman. At the room’s front, he saw the highest-ranking members of each order. A long table lay before them, covered with a blanket of black roses. The dusky flowers proclaimed the council’s sentence, but Soth knew the Solamnic Knights would follow the trial’s ritual to the last.

He studied Soth, taking measure of the death knight with his one good eye. His face betrayed his interest in the newcomer. Not a hint of fear showed in his stance. Nodding toward the castle, the dwarf said, “You certainly aren’t one of his walking corpses, Sir Knight. They can’t say much other than his name. ” Soth watched the dwarf closely as he sat back down and struggled with his other boot. ” the death knight asked. Wiping some blood from his brawny arms, the dwarf smiled. “Not all this is mine, if that’s what you mean,” he replied.

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