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By Kenneth L. Bell, Keith A. Berrington, Derrick S.F. Crothers, Alan Hibbert, Kenneth T. Taylor

This ebook comprises 18 medical papers taking off the newest advancements within the medical disciplines and endeavours to which Professor P. G. Burke has contributed over the past forty years, sooner than his formal retirement in September 1998. the purpose of the amount is to supply an updated survey of the newest advancements in lots of parts of atomic and molecular collision physics and functions and in addition a few medical disciplines the place supercomputers play a relevant position. it is going to be of use to researchers in numerous medical components and particularly to these getting into new parts of atomic, molecular and optical physics. The e-book will shape a everlasting checklist celebrating the various contributions by way of Professor P. G. Burke, CBE, FRS, to the development of medical wisdom.

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