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By Eduardo Augusto Bezerra, Djones Vinicius Lettnin

The method defined during this ebook is the results of decades of analysis event within the box of synthesizable VHDL layout focusing on FPGA dependent systems. VHDL used to be first conceived as a documentation language for ASIC designs. Afterwards, the language used to be used for the behavioral simulation of ASICs, and likewise as a layout enter for synthesis instruments. VHDL is a wealthy language, yet only a small subset of it may be used to put in writing synthesizable code, from which a actual circuit might be received. often VHDL books describe either, synthesis and simulation elements of the language, yet during this publication the reader is carried out simply throughout the positive factors applicable via synthesis instruments. The e-book introduces the topics in a gentle and concise means, delivering simply enough info for the reader to increase their synthesizable electronic structures in VHDL. The examples within the booklet have been deliberate focusing on an FPGA platform popular round the world.

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27 Waveform window Fig. sof file is not shown. 8 Laboratory Assignment Fig. 29 All four combinations for A0 and B0 Fig. 30 FPGA pin assignments 27 28 1 Digital Systems, FPGAs and the Design Flow Fig. 31 Half-adder pin assignment Fig. 32 Quartus II FPGA programming tool ‘‘off’’, and make a comparison between the results showed in the red LEDs (Light-Emitting Diode) with the truth table shown in Fig. 11. A summary of the activities developed in this laboratory session is as follows: 1. 8 Laboratory Assignment 29 Fig.

As examples of applications, this component can be used for data selection, for data routing, in parallel to serial conversions, and also to implement truth tables. E. A. Bezerra and D. V. 1007/978-3-319-02547-6_4, Ó Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014 57 58 4 Multiplexer and Demultiplexer Fig. 1 Mux component block diagram. a n:1 Mux. b 4:1 Mux A demultiplexer (Demux) circuit, also known as ‘‘data distributor’’, has the opposite function of the multiplexer, that is, it allows an input to be available at only one output at a time.

C:\LabSessions\halfadder), the FPGA pins listed in this file must be imported into the design: menu Assignments ? Import Assignments. Browse to find the folder, and press OK as shown in Fig. 7. This file has 425 pins listed, and each pin is assigned to a pre-defined label. The N25, N26, AE23 and AF23 FPGA pins are assigned to the labels SW[0], SW[1], LEDR[0] and LEDR[1], as shown next: set_location_assignment set_location_assignment … set_location_assignment set_location_assignment … PIN_N25 -to SW[0] PIN_N26 -to SW[1] PIN_AE23 -to LEDR[0] PIN_AF23 -to LEDR[1] In the DE2 board Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, the FPGA pin N25 is connected to the switch SW0 shown at the bottom of Fig.

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