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By Brian Thomsen

A set of brief tales set within the Ravenloft global of vampires, werewolves, and different substantial creatures good points the skills of P. N. Elrod (creator of count number Strahd Von Zarovich), James Lowder, J. Robert King, Elaine Bergstrom, and others. unique.

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Holding her breath, hardly daring to let her- 38 MARK ANTHONY self hope, Clarisse reached out a trembling hand to lift the tapestry. Suddenly a voice rang out from far below. " She froze. Footsteps sounded on the stairway. " Gareff! Swiftly, Clarisse let the tapestry fall back. She whirled and sped from the room, brushing the cobwebs from her hair. She dared not keep Lord Harrowing waiting. He might ask what she had been doing, and she would have no choice but to tell him. And she did not want to tell him.

But no, all that had mattered was that his daughter married a lord of ancient and honorable lineage. Clarisse's father was one of the wealthiest merchants in all of Il Aluk, but he had learned that there was one thing all his gold could not purchase—noble blood. Thus it was that when Lord Gareff Harrowing came to call at their fashionable city redstone nearly a year ago, Clarisse's father had welcomed the suit for his daughter's hand, even though the suitor himself was more than twice her age, and lord of a provincial estate over a fortnight's journey from the city.

Both were gray and haggard with exhaustion. " Lord Harrowing gasped grimly when he saw her. " Domenic's rich voice was now hoarse. "Who will you give yourself to? Him or me? " Clarisse approached the two men, her silk gown rustling. " she said mockingly. " The two men stared at her in shock. " she went on, her voice hard. The men shook their heads, dumbfounded. Their shimmering magic wavered. "All my life 1 have been treated as so much chattel—by my father, by you, Lord Harrowing, and yes, by you, Domenic.

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