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By Reiner Ditz, Bärbel Sarbas, Peter Schubert, Wolfgang Töpper

In reference to the hot remedy of radium and the actinides, the Gmelin Institute is undertaking the outline of thorium and its compounds. The complement Volumes A 2, a three, A four, and A five with the heritage, isotopes, makes use of, the restoration of thorium and normal houses of thorium atom and ions, the thermodynamics of its compounds and recommendations, spectroscopic information and analytical chemistry, organic habit, healthiness defense and protection regulate have already been released. The complement Volumes C 1, C 2 and C three describing the compounds with the noble gases, hydrogen, oxygen compounds and nitrogen compounds also are to be had; even have been released complement Volumes C five and C 7 describing the compounds with sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and boron, carbonates, thiocynates, alkoxides, and carboxylates. The complement Volumes D 1, D 2, and D three describing the houses of thorium ions in answer and the solvent extraction of thorium in addition to complement quantity E describing the coordination compounds even have been released. the current quantity starts, in a precis model, with an outline of the average prevalence of the point Th. specially under pressure are these evidence which are most crucial in realizing its geological distribution on the earth (as, e.g., mode of incidence and distribution between minerals) and its habit in minerals (as, e.g., mode of prevalence and distribution between minerals) and its habit in minerals (as, e.g., diadochy and metamictization of minerals). hooked up is a tabulation of the top mentioned Th or ThO2 content material in minerals that regularly (by their crystal-chemical formulation) don't comprise Th. the most a part of the current quantity describes the minerals of Th. As should be noticeable from the crystal-chemical formulation, there are, as well as a couple of minerals containing Th because the sole cation, a few minerals that comprise Th as an extra cation or as a diadochic point. in relation to diadochic substitution the mineral may well symbolize a Th-rich finish member of a solid-solution sequence and, hence, is defined as a separate Th mineral, or could merely sporadically include better quantities of Th (no mineral description is given). The mineral descriptions, during this quantity together with oxides, carbonates and phosphates/siliconphosphates of Th, include the subsequent themes: occurence; chemistry; crystal shape and constitution; optical and different actual houses; and chemical and thermal habit. The silicates of Th and the deposits of Th should be defined within the quantity "Thorium" Suppl. Vol. A 1b, that still includes a mineral index for either volumes.

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97] Es'kova, E. ; Semenov, E. ; Khomyakov, A. ; Kazakova, M. ; Shumskaya, N. G. (Zap. Vses. Mineral. Obshch. 103 [1974]338/41). [98] PLetneva, N. ; Denisov, A. ; ELina, N. A. (Mater. Mineral. KoL'sk. PoLuostrova 8 [1971] 176/9). Gmelin Handbook Th Suppl. Vol. A 1a 22 2 Thorium Minerals Out of the hitherto (end of 1986) known about 3200 mineral species, only a small number contains Th as an essential component or in greater amounts which are considered in the formula, refer to Fleischer, M. , Tucson, Arizona, 1987, pp.

It is generally found in early, unaltered, calcitic carbonatites (which form at relatively high temperatures in an alkaline environment under oxidizing conditions) [52]; or in early, dolomitized carbonatites [9, p. 78]. 1 mm) usually dispersed in the rock, or sometimes it is connected with randomly orientated thin veinlets where it is associated with magnetite and apatite. Thorianite and pyrochlore do not occur together as if both minerals are mutually exclusive [51, p. 116]. In association with magnetite, apatite, phlogopite, and pyrochlore, thorianite occurs in actinolitized and dolomitized early carbonatite veins in melanocratic fenites at the southern margin of the Kovdor massif, Kola Peninsula.

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